The Great Rewards of Running Your Own Business

I have spent all 18 years of my working career up until a year ago working in a Corporate environment. I have worn a suit to work, travelled on public transport, worked long hours, completed a business degree and MBA, spent far too many hours in meetings, travelled domestically and internationally, eaten many business dinners (often with people I would not have chosen to share a meal with), and worked very hard! Everything has now changed.

I have recently established my own business, and I am working from home. It has been much harder work than I had anticipated, but on the flip side, more rewarding than I ever could have known. I have been completely astounded by the positive feedback that customers give to me – and entirely unprovoked. Without request people write to let me know how pleased they are with the purchase, how beautiful it is, how quickly it arrived and how grateful they are. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

In my previous Corporate existence (which already feels like a lifetime ago), there were many up’s and down’s, tough times and rewarding times. But in the short time I have been running my own business and fulfilling customer orders (for products I have designed, created and sent), the reward is so far much greater. And more importantly, it is a much more personal reward. A great feeling of satisfaction that I have created something that someone else likes and appreciates.

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