Growing a Business – doing the hard yards

Starting and then growing a new business is extremely hard work! Apart from the shear volume (time spent) of work, it is also quite unglamorous and almost intangible work. It is what I call ‘doing the hard yards’. I spend many hours of my day working on ‘the grind’, all the aspects of growing a business that at times seem completely unrelated to the business itself. All are of course completely necessary, but they are the type of tasks that you would prefer to put to the bottom of the endless list of things to be done. They do start to pay dividends however, and I am starting to see a glimpse of that now.

As much as I would love to be spending all the time I am investing right now on fulfilling customer orders, some of my time must continue to be spent on establishing and growing the business. I am writing about this now, because it is an important lesson and I want to continually remind myself of it. The busier I become, the less likely I will want to work on the mundane core tasks. The reality is however, these mundane tasks are establishing a sustainable business. Not one that will come and go, one that will continue to grow over time.

I can not lose sight of this, no matter how busy I become fulfilling orders.

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