Why are you always working Mum?

I think sometimes it is difficult for the children of working parents. I have mostly worked throughout my parenting years to date, not always full-time, but at least 2 or 3 days a week. With 3 children now, the youngest of which is 10 months old, our family circumstances have recently changed. I am now working at home. This is quite a significant adjustment for the whole family. Although I am here at home, making breakfast, packing lunches, doing kinder drop-off’s, school drop-off’s, changing nappies and managing the school holidays – I am also working!

This is difficult for the children to understand. “Mum, can you play this game?”. “Sorry Casey, I have to finalise an email right now. A little later I will.” “Mum, do you like this drawing?”  “Yes, I love it Ava, I just have to concentrate for a few moments, I will come and watch you shortly”. I feel like I spend much of my day saying things like this. It is difficult for us all.

But it is also a good learning curve and it is our reality right now. To give the children credit, they are in fact remarkably understanding (mostly). We try to strike a good balance, working some of the time, but focussing on the children and fun activities at other times. It is a difficult balance to achieve but every day we try.

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