Inspiring friends

Christmas is such a great time for catching up with friends. Often is is people I haven’t seen much of during the year – everyone is so busy. But when I do reconnect with those friends, it is always like I had seen them yesterday….but even better.

What I have come to realise as I have ‘matured’ (being 40 now – ha!), is what an incredible and diverse circle of friends I have. Over the course of my career, and outside of work, through sport and school, and my local neighbourhood, I am surrounded by a very inspiring group of people. They inspire me in different ways. It is not just what they are achieving in their careers, or what a wonderful job they are doing with their family and children, it is a hundred other reasons.

Sitting down with a long term friend over a glass of wine or a meal, and really catching up properly on what is happening in each others’ lives, is such a fulfilling and inspirational experience. I just wish I did it more often. That is one to add to my New Years Resolution list…..

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