The Balance – quality time with the kids and managing a business

What is your definition of quality time with your children? It means very different things to different people. Particularly at this time of year, when the children are on school holiday’s. Business goes on too.

I have a few of my own ideas about what quality time means to me. We are all driven by time constraints, I think quality time is more of an attitude or environment than anything else more quantifiable.

There are a few tangible activities in everyday life that contribute to my quality time with my children. I am not sure if they work for everyone, but here they are.

When my oldest daughter comes home from school, I always spend time to ask her open questions about her day. I consciously seek feedback on what has been important or exciting or sad, during her day.

I make a point of sometimes taking just one of the children with me (when it is feasible and my husband is home to watch the other two) when I do the shopping. The one-on-one time, even while doing the shopping gives me the opportunity to chat with my children about lots of different and interesting things. And it makes shopping bearable!

When I do the washing, I try to get the children involved (as boring as it may seem). From when they were babies, I used to sit them in the basket while I hung the washing out (to keep them from taking off towards the stairs). These days, I ask them to hold the washing while I hang it, or we pair the socks together.

I read with my children a lot. I find this to be the greatest quality time with my children. Even when my older daughter is reading to my 4 year old,  we often snuggle in together. I don’t need to be reading, but to be sitting together and listening is equally as enjoyable for all of us.

We have tried to create a real appreciation of food in our home. Sometimes I get the children involved in the food preparation, which they love. And, we try to eat together most nights – not all, but 4 or 5 nights a week is usually achievable.

We exercise together. We make a real effort to get out in the fresh air as a family and do some exercise. The kids love it. And we do too.

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