Back to Kinder

My 4 year old is back to kinder tomorrow and so excited about it. So excited in fact, there was a full dress rehearsal held yesterday and my older daughter took photo’s. Here are a couple: Tomorrow is therefore the beginning of the back to school routine (well half of it, Casey goes back on […]

Growing a Business – doing the hard yards

Starting and then growing a new business is extremely hard work! Apart from the shear volume (time spent) of work, it is also quite unglamorous and almost intangible work. It is what I call ‘doing the hard yards’. I spend many hours of my day working on ‘the grind’, all the aspects of growing a […]

Why are you always working Mum?

I think sometimes it is difficult for the children of working parents. I have mostly worked throughout my parenting years to date, not always full-time, but at least 2 or 3 days a week. With 3 children now, the youngest of which is 10 months old, our family circumstances have recently changed. I am now […]

A Rare Breed – brilliant service providers

I have recently relaunched my website for Personalised Candles for Weddings, Christenings and Special Occasions. With a hugely challenging timeline, and plenty of reasonable reasons why it was not achievable within the timeframe, I set about trying to pull it all together. The fact that I have 3 children (the youngest being 9 months), and it […]

New Years Challenge

Today I have decided that my physical challenge for the start of this year is to run the Puffing Billy Train Race. After my overindulgence through the Christmas/New Year period and insufficient physical activity I need to set my sights on something challenging. I have heard that it is a great event to participate in, […]

Inspiring friends

Christmas is such a great time for catching up with friends. Often is is people I haven’t seen much of during the year – everyone is so busy. But when I do reconnect with those friends, it is always like I had seen them yesterday….but even better. What I have come to realise as I […]