Our Road Trip

          We travelled from The Grampians, to Keith, and this morning to Port Elliott. Beautiful part of Australia.

Good reasons for beautiful jewellery

New Online Launch!

At last, we have launched our new website to showcase our fabulous Personalised Jewellery range. We have had such interest in and demand for our Personalised Jewellery range that we decided to make it available online. Thanks to everyone for your support. The new website looks fantastic and showcases our unique, hand stamped personalised jewellery […]

Online Business – page ranking is key

I started a small business last year and went ‘live’ online in December (after many many hard months of analysis, research, development, testing etc). What an exciting day!!! But as the weeks passed, the reality of a page 17 (google page ranking) business started to dawn on me. When I started the business, it was […]

My Big Girl Turns 8

I can hardly believe that my first baby, Casey, is now 8. And it gets worse…..she is getting so big and so independent. She started basketball on the weekend, and ditched her glasses in favour of contact lenses for the game! Unbelievable. What a lovely little girl. So funny, and energetic, determined, sensitive and caring. […]

The Great Rewards of Running Your Own Business

I have spent all 18 years of my working career up until a year ago working in a Corporate environment. I have worn a suit to work, travelled on public transport, worked long hours, completed a business degree and MBA, spent far too many hours in meetings, travelled domestically and internationally, eaten many business dinners […]

Back to Kinder

My 4 year old is back to kinder tomorrow and so excited about it. So excited in fact, there was a full dress rehearsal held yesterday and my older daughter took photo’s. Here are a couple: Tomorrow is therefore the beginning of the back to school routine (well half of it, Casey goes back on […]

Growing a Business – doing the hard yards

Starting and then growing a new business is extremely hard work! Apart from the shear volume (time spent) of work, it is also quite unglamorous and almost intangible work. It is what I call ‘doing the hard yards’. I spend many hours of my day working on ‘the grind’, all the aspects of growing a […]

Why are you always working Mum?

I think sometimes it is difficult for the children of working parents. I have mostly worked throughout my parenting years to date, not always full-time, but at least 2 or 3 days a week. With 3 children now, the youngest of which is 10 months old, our family circumstances have recently changed. I am now […]

A Rare Breed – brilliant service providers

I have recently relaunched my website for Personalised Candles for Weddings, Christenings and Special Occasions. With a hugely challenging timeline, and plenty of reasonable reasons why it was not achievable within the timeframe, I set about trying to pull it all together. The fact that I have 3 children (the youngest being 9 months), and it […]